Parasite control

Treatment for Roundworm
In puppies, deworming should start from the age of 2 weeks, then every 14 days up to 2 weeks after weaning with fenbendazole/febantel, flubendazole, pyrantel or nitroscanate and then monthly treatments up to six months of age.
To prevent transmission from the pregnant bitch to the puppies, pregnant females can be given macrocyclic lactones on the 40th and 55th day of pregnancy or fenbendazole daily from the 40th day of pregnancy continuing until the 14th day postpartum.
Lactating bitches should be treated concurrently with the first treatment of puppies.
Treatment of Tapeworms
Dogs with a high risk of infection such as dogs that are fed raw meat, should be treated every 4-6 weeks. Once a flea infestation is established, dogs should also be treated.

Disclaimer:  Deworming practices should always be on the advice of a veterinary professional.  This article is only to serve as a guideline.